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The club is committed to introducing new sailors to the sport and supporting their development. The junior’s program is for 8-16-year-old from novices to experienced racers with the provision of qualified instructors.

MYC’s commitment to making sailing accessible to all has resulted in our unique “Club owned fleet”. Our fleet of training Optimists, Manly Juniors, Flying Elevens and BIC Sports boats are available to junior members providing a very cost-effective entry point to the sport.

The MYC program is only sustainable because we rely on parents volunteering their time and skills.  Hence only kids whose parents are prepared to volunteer are allowed to join.


MYC supports five classes of sailing dinghies:

No ALT tag specified The training Optimist is a robust and stable option for our least experienced sailors. This international class provides the ideal platform to get sailors as young as 8 out on the water where our coaching team can help them develop confidence and basic skills. Open BIC is an international class of high performance single-handed dinghies. Ideal for experienced sailors in the 30-65kg ranges, the BICs are an established and competitive racing fleet and provide the ideal platform for sailors to develop their skills.  They also come with a small rig and this makes them suitable for younger and smaller children. The Laser 4.7 is based on a standard Laser hull fitted with a smaller sail and amended mast. Suited to highly experienced sailors with minimum of 45kg, the Laser 4.7 is mostly sailed by teenagers.
Hempel Manly Junior. This iconic native of Manly Cove is a nationally recognised class sailed by several clubs throughout Australia. With a full rig complement comprising Main, Jib and Spinnaker, the MJ has helped develop the skills of numerous Olympic Champions and an Americas Cup winner!
racing F11 Flying 11. Another Australian design this high-performance sailing boat is ideally suited to teenagers and is a natural transition from junior dinghies to a range of senior international classes.

MYC recognises the dilemma facing most parents when they want their kids to try sailing.  It is expensive to buy a boat and if the child decides they don’t want to continue then it has to be sold.  The club has solved this problem by buying fleets of Optis and BICs (both small and full rigs) that can be used by the school and the club.  Kids enrolled in the school use the club boats and its usual for kids moving into the club fleets to use of the boats for about a season.

Those kids who have been sailing club boats for the longest will be asked to buy their own boat in order to make way for new comers.

The club encourages families to buy their own boats and has some boat storage available.  Usually there is no need for kids to buy OPTIs because they will have graduated from them within a season.  There is storage available for BICs and Lasers and the club is actively seeking more space to store privately owned F11s.

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