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Like to sail, but don't have a boat or have a boat & need crew?

Crew Request Form - Wish to crew on a yacht. Click on the 'Crew Request Form', located at the top of this page. Your request, once approved by the moderator, will be automatically Emailed to all MYC subscribers registered to the Crew Link Mailing List.

Skippers - Crew Link Mailing List - Skippers looking for crew. Click on the 'Skippers - Crew Link Mailing List' to register to receive automated Emails from potential new crew and view archived requests via secure access.

Additionally, for twilight and Sunday races, there will be a white board of crew available and boats needing crew outside the Manly Sailing office.


Crew request information is now kept in a secure location and is available to MYC Race Directors & MYC boat owners that have registered to CrewLink Mailing List.


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This web page is for information only.  In the case of a conflict between the information on this web page and the Manly Yacht Club Handbook, the Handbook takes precedence.