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MYC Support Boats Online Course

All members who will be using the MYC boats must complete this course and the questionnaire before they use the boats.

How to Operate the MYC Support Boats (PDF)

Q1 - All skippers of an MYC Support boat must have the following?

(A) YA number or junior YA number if parent of MYC junior
(B) NSW RMS boat licence
(C) Passed the MYC support boat online users
(D) All of the above


Q2 - The life jackets and first aid kit for Robbie R when not in use are stored?

(A) On the boat
(B) In the blue bag in the gear room
(C) In the blue and yellow bags in the gear room
(D) In the office upstairs


Q3 - How many bungs are required to be put in before lowering Robbie R into the water?

(A) 3 outside and 1 inside
(B) 1 outside and 3 inside
(C) 2 outside and 2 inside
(D) 1 outside and 1 inside

Q4 - Robbie R fuel tanks should be?
(A) Stored flat with vent open in the fuel bunker
(B) Stored flat with vent closed in the fuel bunker
(C) Stored in the boat
(D) Stored flat with vent open in the club house
Q5 - Robbie R fuel tanks should be?

(A) Filled to 50% capacity
(B) Filled to 75% capacity
(C) Filled to 100% capacity
(D) Filled from another tank
Q6 - When launching Robbie R?

(A) Tilt the motor up if it is high tide
(B) Tilt the motor down if it is low tide
(C) It does not matter how the motor is tilted
(D) If it is a very low tide tilt the motor up and push out into deep water before tilting down and starting
Q7 - When launching Robbie R?

(A) Make sure no one is standing near the lifting wires and make sure the rope on the port cleat is attached to stop her swinging
(B) Always have the motor tilted down
(C) The bar should be left down to make it easy on return
(D) Make sure no one is standing near the lifting wires and remove the rope on the aft port side cleat
Q8 - Before starting Robbie R motor?

(A) Let out any water at the bottom of the fuel filter
(B) Turn on cooling water tap
(C) Attach dead man tag
(D) A, B and C
(E) A and C
Q9 - When using Robbie R or the RIBs and connecting the fuel tanks?

(A) If you force the fittings together the wrong way around they will break
(B) Any tank will work on any boat
(C) Always make sure the fuel is 10% ethanol
(D) The fittings work both ways around
Q10 - Carlyle has the following restrictions on its use?

(A) Cannot be taken to MYC wharf or pontoon under any circumstances
(B) Can be used any time for fishing
(C) Can be driven by anyone, MYC doesn’t require a boat licence
(D) A, B and C
Q11 - Before stating the motor on Carlyle?

(A) Pump the fuel line
(B) Attach the dead man switch
(C) Turn on the water tap and battery
(D) Make sure anchor switch is up
Q12 - When you have started Carlyle’s engine you should?

(A) Run flat out in neutral to warm it up
(B) Check the oil pressure by reading the gauge on the red tank
(C) Call the club and let them know you will be leaving
(D) Check the motor is pumping cooling water by looking over the stern
Q13 - When anchoring Carlyle?

(A) Drop all the chain out as quickly as possible
(B) Only use enough chain for the anchor to hit the bottom, plus a little more
(C) The anchor winch can be used without the motor running
(D) The anchor must always be raised fully before motoring away, even if only going a few metres.
Q14 - When returning Carlyle to the mooring?

(A) Put the rope around the bollard
(B) Put the chain around the bollard
(C) Turn off water and batteries
(D) A and C
(E) B and C
Q15 - The Yellow RIB has?

(A) 4 bungs
(B) 3 bungs
(C) 2 bungs
(D) 1 bung
Q16 - The Yellow RIB is launched by?

(A) Attaching the fore and aft lifting straps together by a shackle
(B) The lifting straps must be over the seats
(C) Attaching the winch to the ring on the lifting straps
(D) A, B and C
Q17 - Once in the water the Yellow RIB?

(A) Should be taken to the pontoon
(B) Should be held off the oysters on the piles and then taken to the pontoon as quickly as possible
(C) The motor should be tilted up before the crane is disconnected
(D) The motor must be started before going to the pontoon
Q18 - Starting the Yellow RIB Motor?
(A) Pull the choke half way out, put into Start / neutral, connect dead man’s tag and turn on red switch.
(B) Set throttle to forward
(C) Red switch has to be in run position
(D) Full choke is required
Q19 - When putting away the Yellow RIB?

(A) Make sure the padlock goes through both motor thumb screws and chain ends
(B) Lie fuel tank flat with vent closed
(C) Tilt motor up with throttle handle in forward
(D) A and C
(E) A and B



YA number or junior YA number if parent of MYC junior

RMS boat licence number (required for skippers)

RMS boat licence expiry date