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Nigel Holman Race 4 Rum

The Nigel Holman Race for Rum!

Sunday, 15th October 2017

Manly Yacht Club - Sydney NSW Australia

The Nigel Holman Race for Rum, which is a charity fund raising effort applied to the normal MYC Marathon race 1 and laser races. 

The charity fund raising is in commemoration of Nigel Holman, a MYC member who passed away in 2007. The event will be a fundraiser for the Canteen charity, which supports young people with cancer, a cause that Nigel was active in. CanTeen helps young people, aged between 12 and 24, cope as their world becomes a haze of cancer terminology, hospitals, treatment and uncertainty.

We encouraging members and competitors to make a direct donation to Canteen, using the Donate Now page, and then forward notice of their donation to, identifying a competitor from whom the donation came. In addition to the normal race results and prizes, an additional Rum prize will be awarded to Yachts Div1, Yachts Div2 and Lasers pursuit race according to the Rum Adjusted results.   The Rum Adjusted results apply only to the boats for which a donation is recorded and every $20 donated will give a bonus time to a boat's finish.

CanTeen Donation Page:



Nigel Holman & Cuckoos Nest - MYC2