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Manly Yacht Club is the home of the famous
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Junior Sailing Instructor - Position Available

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At Manly Yacht Club there are two separate but complimentary junior sailing programs.  One is conducted by Manly Sailing and the other is managed directly by the club and is known as the MYC Juniors.

Manly Sailing
Manly Sailing is a commercial sailing school and runs courses for both adults and children.  The work horse of the juniors sailing program is the regular Saturday morning 8 week level 1 sailing classes as well as school holiday camps.  These are intensive courses and on completion the juniors are usually capable of handling a boat in light airs.

MYC Juniors
The MYC Juniors program is aimed at consolidating the skills learned from the Manly Sailing level 1 courses.  The program will run regular weekend sessions which will be anchored by a qualified and experienced instructor who is supported by parents.

The two programs tend to complement each other with junior sailors returning to Manly Sailing from time to time for courses and camps to train at higher levels up to level 5 and are always able to practice these skills when they return to the Club sailing program.

More details about MYC Juniors Sailing
The central aim of this program is to provide a frame work to allow children to practise skills learned at a commercial sailing school.


  1. Sailing at level 2 and above.
  2. Aimed at ages of 8 and 15yrs.
  3. Must be members of MYC.
  4. Must have completed a level 1 course at Manly Sailing or similar.
  5. Sailing will be on Saturday afternoon 1pm to 4pm Oct to April inclusive with breaks in the school holidays.  The program is shown in the calendar of this handbook and any alterations will be posted on the official notice and may also be shown on the web site.

Manly Yacht Club will:

  1. Allow their MJs and PJs to be used in the program.
  2. Allow the support boat Robbie R to be used in the program.
  3. Will fund a qualified instructor.


  • Will help juniors rig, unrig, wash and store boats on completion of the sailing.
  • Will assist the Sailing Instructor as required.
  • Are encouraged to obtain a boat licence.
  • Are responsible for repairs to any MJs and PJs resulting from their use.  This does not include fair wear and tear.
  • Manly Sailing keeps a log of all boats and should be informed of any damage or fair wear and tear.  This can be done verbally during their office hours, by note under their door or email.
  • MJs and PJs should not be used outside of the MYC Junior Sailing Program.

For further information contact

Compliance form for boats off the beach (Laser, Taser, Finn, MJ, Sailability).

This web page is for information only.  In the case of a conflict between the information on this web page and the Manly Yacht Club Handbook, the Handbook takes precedence.