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2018-2019 Manly Yacht Club memberships are valid from the 1st October 2018 to the 30th September 2019. New Adult members joining after 1st March 2019 will be offered a $60 discount on their initial membership. The MYC membership fee includes a subscription to Yachting NSW and Australian Sailing (AS) including coverage under their Sports Accident Insurance Scheme. This insurance scheme protects sailors and boat owners. All prices include GST.

Adult Membership $325
Adult membership is available to all members over 18 years of age.

Honorary Membership $0
Honorary membership is available to non-sailing volunteers who assist with the management of MYC races. Honorary Membership is at the discretion of the MYC Board.

Student Membership. $180
Student Pricing Bundle is available for any student in full time study where the student does not qualify for the Junior or Family Bundle pricing. Proof of full time study status is required each year.

Sailability Membership $99
Sailability membership is available to mobility impaired sailors and their volunteer assistants. This includes Membership to AS.

Juniors Pricing Bundle $460
Is available for juniors participating in the MYC Junior and Youth Sailing Program. It includes MYC membership; membership to AS; coaching fees for Racing and Green Fleet Program and boat storage or boat usage fees.

Junior Coaching Fees
Coaching costs the club between $24 and $28 per hour for a class of 5 to 10 students, for a 4-hour session. The club aims to recover most of these costs in coaching fees. Hence parents should expect fees of about $10 to $20 per sailing day. Fees will be tailored to each program.

Privately-owned Boat Storage
Dinghy - Inside Storage $390
Dinghy - Outside Storage $280
Laser $250

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